About Me


I am a Writer, Science communicator, Doctor and Professor at a well known Medical University. I am a founder member of the Info- clinic, an organisation of writer-doctors, dedicated to provide evidence based health information to the public in a palatable form.

I have written, apart from academic articles, books for the general reader, that includes, The Stethoscope and the Scalpel, Blood, Sweat and Cheers!, and Knife Edge. “Health and Happiness without Bullshit” is a book written by me on the science of happiness psychology and lifestyle medicine.

“Chiriyilude Chikitsa” was published by DC books. It is in Malayalam.

There are many more books, six in all. Please check them out in Amazon.in by searching for ‘Jimmy Mathew’.

You can read my articles and stories here. Follow me on facebook if you are interested.

എഴുതാൻ താല്പര്യം ഉള്ള ഒരു ഡോക്ടർ ആണ് ഞാൻ . ഇൻഫോ ക്ലിനിക് എന്ന ആരോഗ്യ വിവര സംഘടനയുടെ അംഗവും ചിരിയിലൂടെ ചികിത്സ എന്ന മലയാളം പുസ്തകത്തിന്റെ കർത്താവും ആണ് . ഇംഗ്ളീഷിൽ വേറെയും കുറച്ചു പുസ്തകങ്ങൾ എഴുതിയിട്ടുണ്ട് . ഈ വെബ്‌സൈറ്റിൽ എന്റെ ലേഖനങ്ങളും കഥകളും നിങ്ങൾക്ക് വായിക്കാം . എന്നെ ഫേസ് ബുക്കിൽ താല്പര്യം ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ഫോളോ ചെയ്യാം .